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tv   Reel America Testimony of Truth- 1967  CSPAN  July 27, 2019 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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>> produced by the japanese committee for the investigation of u.s. war crimes in vietnam, testimony of truth was found between december 1966 in january 1967. detail civilian injuries and deaths caused by u.s. bombing in north vietnam. at theted in may of 1967 bertrand russell international war crimes tribunal in stockholm, sweden and comes to us courtesy of the swarthmore college peace collection. it contains graphic scenes of war that some viewers may find disturbing. >> in 1965 on a street in michigan, a woman 82 years old turned herself into a blazing human torch in protest of the u.s. war in vietnam. note accusing lyndon b. johnson for the creator of this world, she appealed to the nations of the , awakend american people
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and take action before it is too late. yours is the responsibility to decide if this world shall be a good place to live for all human beings in dignity and peace or if it should blow itself up to oblivion. the professor at tokyo said that corresponding with her was one of those to whom she addressed her final note. he was moved by the depth of her concern and active self-sacrifice. compile aim to collection of her latest hymns and a book was published under the word letter for peace. a book were given wide publicity's. books,royalties on the he founded the peace fund in work tof mrs. herr's
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bring peace. he felt this would be the best way to correspond to the wish of mrs. herr. this film, shown as a document of the united states war crimes in vietnam and the bertrand russell international tribunal held in stockholm from may the second-10 1967 is presented as a fundby the alice her peace to other countries, including the american people. we hope this film will be helpful for your work toward peace. harder tok ever fulfill the last wish of mrs. herr, so there will be no more war on the earth, but peace.
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>> the atrocities being committed by america against the vietnamese people have steadily grown worse. are going air raids on against the democratic republic of vietnam. 1966, beginning of bertrand russell, the british philosopher proposed in international war crimes tribunal be organized in the name of freedom and social justice and based on international law. they were crimes committed in vietnam should be judged by the conscience of the world. in support of the appeal, a japanese committee for the investigation of work crimes in vietnam was established in october, the same year. by december, a team consisting of seven members were sent to the democratic republic of
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vietnam from japan. the team of investigators began their examination of american were crimes in vietnam walking by foot and seeing with their own eyes. we arrived in hanoi on december the 21st, two days before the christmas cease-fire. the chairman of the committee the democratic republic of vietnam for the investigation of work crimes and also the minister of health and hygiene. chairman is also chief justice the supreme court.
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after making detailed arrangements on the schedule the investigation, we started out in on the spot survey between us. we started from hanoi for the south, along highway number one. down to thest went 17th parallel. we then carried on our investigations. we drove more than 2000 miles. we talked directly with more than 200 witnesses and corrected great variety of material evidence. bombing by the americans on nonmilitary targets including
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density popular districts and villages and cities. this is a place of total destruction. none of the features of the formal industrial center can be found. even the building of international control commission or supervision of cessation of hostilities established on these agreements were bound. -- on peace agreements were bombed. churches are no exception. about 1000 tons of bombs have been dropped here in more than 63 air raids. one, this town in central
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vietnam, has been reduced to rubble. this was a department store. this was a kindergarten. their targets early military ones? as you can see, their aim is to destroy production and wipe us out. this was the city that has been bombed 390 times continuing until today. it started with in the air raids on the north began on february the seventh, 1965. hanoi, the capital city of the democratic republic of vietnam, this is how the residential
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district and school buildings look now and the central parts of the city. this shows it was a lie that the administration claimed the military -- bombing nonmilitary targets in hanoi. the largest commercial city in the delta has also been systematically destroyed everywhere by raids of missiles and rockets. this was the center of the textile industry. it is now in ruins.
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only the monument on a street corner shows that workers and their families once were living here. many educational facilities have been bombed by the u.s. more than 100 20 schools have been destroyed until now. >> this is all that remains of a middle school. schoolboys says air raids have destroyed all the school buildings. we had sheltered in the dugout below the passage. we narrowly escaped death and crept out again. 12 acrossteacher and
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the passage were killed. echo what voice speaks. it was about 9:00 in the morning on july the 18th. an air raid began as i came home from school. i rushed out in a hurry. feeling uneasy about my father, i was running to the farm when a bomb came down and i was knocked to the ground. i remember nothing else because i fell unconscious. the band on this girls head is a morning band. mourning band. she says before the raids, she's to come home and was very happy. author tourney of her family -- all 13 and an unborn baby of her family had died. she was the only one left.
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these are all innocent victim of -- victims of the american error rates. -- air raids. america has systematically attacked hospitals to the south in particular. they have bombed all provincial and prefectural hospitals. site of the former case 71 tuberculosis hospital. there were some 50 buildings here, all destroyed. 30 people, including five doctors were killed, and many more wounded. this hospital was the object of an attack when the city was first formed in 1965. it has been bombed 14 times since then. -- 13 times since then.
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rates have continued until now it is ceased to function. bombnurse, injured by a while she was preparing for an operation. said, american say only american target -- military targets are bombs. this is a downright -- downright live. planewas the droning of a in the southwest. i was knocked down dizzy. i will never forget. he himself had been badly innards so that his could almost be seen, but the doctor wanted to keep going. >> one of the nurses had her head split open and died. two children are left orphans.
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happy lifeashed our and our indignation is beyond description. dying, a boy of 14 years, who has lost one of his arms. he says, i was blown over by a bomb blast while was waiting for my brother. gone andne of my arms by brother had been killed there. >> the hospital building was marked by a large red cross. they could not have happened by mistake. in carrying on the criminal war of mass destruction, america is using jet planes of the latest type. thee all, they're using most criminal weapons of extermination.
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antipersonnel bonds forbidden by international law. bombs provided by international law. we examined different kinds of weapons. the chemicals used include yellow phosphorus, poison gases, herbicides and defoliate her's. years -- defoli ators. the chairman of the committee for investigation of work crimes showed that america is making vietnam a proving ground for their weapons. including the demilitarized zone. fuse of a bomb, a machine-gun ball, the fuse from
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a cpu. -- cbu. as part of their strategy, u.s. planes dropped transistor radios , the name of hitachi of japan can be read. forged money. pencils. ballpoint pens and erasers were dropped for the same purpose. ballpoint pen, made in japan. here we see a pineapple bomb, manufactured specifically for the extermination of people. it weighs 20 pounds. when dropped, it explodes on touching the ground. on detonation, about 250 small steel pellets are scattered and
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kill everything within 50 feet. this is the ball bomb. cbu.anister bomb unit or it is the latest type. an improvement on the pineapple bomb. more effective for killing and maiming. it weighs about one pound. 300 small steel pellets are in its shell. they killed over a range of 10 meters. the ball explodes on landing. carrying these holes 300-600 small bombs. it separates into two pieces while falling and ball bombs scatter over a wide area, about 600 feet and 3000 feet in the direction of flight.
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the ball bomb cannot destroy military. it is a weapon designed solely for the purpose of mass murder. in the company of the international investigation team sent by bertrand russell, we heard from the victims of ball bombs. who stated home were killed. kettle and a bottle riddled with steel pellets. the city was the testing ground for the mass use of these bombs. the penetration of a steel pellet is enough for a single shot to prove fatal. although the wound is small, the pellet causes complex injury inside the body.
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it can be found only by x-ray. it is impossible for mass-produced victims to be treated quickly. this shows the back of a victim who received ball bomb wounds all over his body. here we see a patient undergoing surgical treatment. the dark spots on these fingers caused by a cbu bomb. the ball bombubt is a weapon of mass destruction,
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strictly forbidden by international law. the rural areas, we were able to confirm the mass use of ball bombs and their vast spread of destruction. the white marks on the field show where each of the bombs fell. here, we see the countless shot holes made by small steel pellets on the farmhouse wall. a hospital was attacked 13 times by bombs provided by
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international law. we confirmed the use of them by centers on the wall of the hospital. napalm berms with terrific heat of more than 1000 degrees centigrade. the death rate from it is very high. even more terrible super napalm is being used. it is napalm mixed with yellow phosphorus. the poison of yellow phosphorus penetrates the skin and causes deadly functional disorders.
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a victim of napalm in south vietnam. is actuallyrm welded to his body. the mission of the national front for liberation of south vietnam and annoy. -- in hanoi. the head of the mission talks about the present situation in south vietnam. american imperialists and their government are guilty of every such aswork crime,
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scorched-earth operations, chemical warfare, forced concentration of the inhabitants into strategic hamlets, expected new types of death weapons and so on. here is the evidence of a victim of america in the south and is receiving treatment in the north. was 18, i was i arrested three times and tortured for three years. i was thrown out as a corpse in a field. before he went to prison, i weigh 256 pounds. my weight was 122 when i left. it is seven years since then. i'm covered with injuries inside and outside. peopleon, there were 240 , 14 of whom have survived.
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bond dams, dikes, channels and other allegation -- irrigation facilities. they are trying to destroy agriculture. saturation bombing of dikes and irrigation facilities and areas of dense population and good crops. even small canals used for irrigation have been attacked with rockets. facilitieso military in the neighborhood of dikes destroyed. search raids are carried out during the rainy season, confirming the tensions of the american imperialist. farmhouses have not been excluded from bombing attacks.
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in this house, a family appearance at a child were killed instantly while setting a table. a schoolchild of a farmer living in the next test was also killed. this woman tells about her four children killed before her eyes. how sad i am. i was robbed of my husband without a single word. died in myld also arms of the way to hospital. i can still feel him in my arms. i am left alone. i must never give way. i burned with anger against the americans who have destroyed my happiness. i will fight until there is not a single american in vietnam. i hope you will make this
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cruelty of america learned to all of the world. she asked us to present it to japanese mothers as a memento. this boy told us his mother, older brother and younger sister were killed. then he said, i want to study hard and train myself and i will fight the americans to the last. i have japanese boys and girls will fight hand-in-hand with us vietnamese.
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this former fishing village. destroyed alls houses with bombs and napalm. then, having a retreat of the people, they dropped a great number of anti-personnel pineapple bombs. this was calculated mass murder.
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in this way, three hamlets of the village were completely wiped off the map. we had an interview with an american pilot held as a prisoner of war. tanner from the aircraft carol -- aircraft carrier coral sea. what were the tactics he used in your bombing attack -- you used in your bombing attacks? withrcle the town fragmentation bombs so as to drive the people into their area shelters in the middle of the people wantedthe
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their area -- went into the air raid shelters, another pass was made to drop napalm to burn them out of the shelters. they ran from the shelters , cb was dropped on theu outskirts of town, to achieve total annihilation. reconnaissance. in most cases, you can distinguish between them. >> was that the message used? what was your purpose? >> it was attacked for that purpose. to demoralize the people. it would put pressure on their
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government to force a compromise. president ho chi minh of the democratic republic of vietnam. together with the international investigation team, we met the president. condemning america for his work crimes against the vietnamese people. he emphasized there cannot be peace in vietnam without independence and unity for the people of all vietnam. while in hanoi, we held two press interviews.
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the deputy leader of the group speaks. from what i have seen with my own eyes and perhaps my own hands, i assert with if you responsibilities that what the united states administration says is a lie. totally contrary to the facts. a member of the team says my impression and firm conviction is that america is using the vietnamese people as guinea pigs on whom they are testing their new weapons. harrison salisbury of "the new york times." birchard, the famous australian journalist. the statement issued says, these acts by the united states clearly constitute a crime of aggression against the democratic republic of vietnam, a crime against peace and against humidity. the crime of the use of un lawful -- unlawful and inhumane
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gases, poison weapons and chemical weapons. the crime of attack on non-military targets and non ombatants and so on. ♪ >> we earnestly hope that the results of our investigations into these criminal acts will make a contribution to ending america's crimes and to winning a great victory for vietnam and for independence, freedom, and eace of the vietnamese people. >> you can watch archival films
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on public affairs in their entirety on our wiki series "real america." saturday at 10:00 p.m. and sunday at 4:00 p.m. eastern here on american history tv. subbed on book tv, our coverage from freedomfest continues at 8:00 p.m. with former georgia kongman bob barr talking about his book "the means -- meaning of the." >> we have allowed public discourse and political activity to sink to the level where we don't demand a requisite amount of understanding, education, civility and professionalism in what we do with and demand of our elected officials. d what happens then is those important mechanisms such as impeachment are devalued. >> then at 9:00 eastern on
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"afterwards," in his new book "the fifth domain," former george w. bush special advisor for cybersecurity, richard clarke, talks about how to make cyberspace less dangerous. >> there are corporations that are pretty secure. are they invulnerable to attack? no, but they're resilient to it. can someone penetrate their network? sure, because there's no prismer the anymore but can they do real damage to those companies? and the answer is no. >> watch book tv sunday on c-span 2. american history tv products are now available at the new c-span online store. -- to -span so see what's new for american history tv and check out all of the c-span products.
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monday night on "the communicators," ohio representative bob latte, the ranking member on the house energy and commerce subcommittee on communications and technology talks about recent actions taken by the government raffereding the tech strip. >> when you think of the almost 50 billion robocalls made every years into this country, it's going to hopefully at least provide the american citizens out there -- a lot of people same i'm not in the districts. it's one of the top issues that people contact me about and also the top issue that the f.c.c. and the f.t.c. receive every year is about robocalls. >> watch "the communicators," monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span 2. next, on american history tv, senior archivist randy thompson
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delivers an illustrated talk showcasing resources available to the public at the national archives branch in riverside, california. items include records and artifacts dating back to 1775. the friends of the north hollywood library hosted this event. >> we're glad you're here with us today to learn about the national archive. a unique and little known institution also known as the records keeper. they've driven all the way out here from riverside to be with you and us in order to inform and inspire us to investigate and utilize our nation's archives that among their holders are documents going back to 1775 and lastly we've been handing out raffl tickets


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